Why Surgefield?
Powering Real Estate Finance with technology
Surgefield was founded with the vision of streamlining real estate finance using the power of technology. Our digital platform eliminates inefficiencies and friction in traditional real estate lending.
By harnessing technology, we are enhancing convenience, expanding access and bringing radical transparency to real estate finance.
For Investors/Lenders
Browse pre-vetted real estate debt investment opportunities that meet their risk-return criteria. They can diversify their portfolio with exposure to certain real estate asset classes.
Data room
All data in one secure place. Control and invite users.
For borrowers
Access debt capital from multiple sources beyond their existing banking relationships. They can present financing proposals and get matched with suitable investors.
For Advisors
Get invited to your clients ongoing deals. Get access to all information in one single place. Streamline work processes.
Grow your business.
Get your assets financed today. Get started with Surgefield by booking a demo with us.
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