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Surgefield was founded and is led by industry experts and technologists passionate about transforming real estate finance. Meet the talented team behind our fintech platform:

Björn Bjuggren
CEO & founder
Björn is the founder and CEO of Surgefield. He is a finance lawyer by background and has over 15 years of experience in real estate financing, banking and structured finance. Björn has facilitated over €5 billion in real estate debt during his career. He started Surgefield to unlock the power of technology in commercial real estate lending.
Johan Lindskog
Product lead
Johan heads up product development and manages Surgefield's agile workflows. He has over a decade of fintech experience. Johan loves solving problems at the intersection of business and technology. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering.
Oliwer Krumlinde
Oliwer oversees our development team and architects our financing platform and analytics tools. He has built high-traffic web platforms for several startups and scaleups. Oliwer is passionate about leveraging cloud, automation and APIs to build cutting-edge products.
Mattias Kristensson
Design lead
Mattias is responsible for the brand identity and product design of Surgefield. He has worked at top creative agencies and helped shape the image of multiple startups and public companies. Mattias main focus is on creating visually stunning and at the same time intuitive designs that engages users and communicate the right brand values.
Dennis Hadzialic
Fullstack developer
Dennis focuses on building and crafting intuitive user experiences for our platform. He has been involved in development for over 5 years across various European startups. Dennis finds elegance in simple and functional design centered around the user.
Josephine Hedman
Fullstack developer

Josephine builds and maintains the frontend powering Surgefield's seamless financing marketplace. Josephine enjoys tackling the challenges of blending cutting-edge technology with real business impact. She leads the charge on leveraging automation and APIs to make Surgefield's platform top-notch.

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