Our solution

A Marketplace and Ecosystem for Real Estate Debt

Let us match you with suitable counterparties and facilitate frictionless execution.

For Borrowers

Present your financing needs to a wide base of debt investors. Gain funding beyond your existing banking relationships. Benefit from a swift process and competitive terms

For Investors/Lenders

Access pre-vetted real estate debt investment opportunities. Diversify your portfolio with exposure to real estate. Leverage our risk monitoring tools for transparency

For Advisors

Get invited to your clients ongoing deals. Get access to all information in one single place. Streamline work processes.

The data room

  • Secure virtual data room to share confidential documents
  • Enables due diligence without compromising privacy
  • Store financial models, tenant info, lease contracts etc.
  • The data room facilitates information exchange while maintaining discretion.
  • It provides a centralized repository for critical documents needed to evaluate the financing.
  • Possibility to create unlimited number of data rooms
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How it works

Borrower creates financing proposal
  • Adds general information and credit type
  • Adds relevant real estate/corporate information
  • Adds financing request information
Proposal is published by borrower
  • You get an overview of all published proposals in an anonymized state at the borrowers discretion
  • Investors/lenders can bookmark and save attractive proposals
  • Investors/lenders can submit their interest
Connecting borrower with investor/lender
  • For the investor to view full details of a credit request a NDA is signed by both parties
  • A match is made and contact and proposal details are shared
  • We can support with credit risk assessment and underwriting
  • Support for loan syndication and secondary market transactions
One data room for all your documents
  • Share your files easily, no more emails back and forth
  • Set user permissions per data room
  • Files stored on secure servers in Sweden
Add team member and advisors
  • Share the workload internally
  • Add advisors or someone outside your organization to handle certain tasks
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