Unlocking the Power of the Surgefield Data Room

August 29, 2023

Surgefield offers state-of-the-art virtual data room technology to facilitate seamless sharing of confidential documents between borrowers and lenders. This enables frictionless due diligence while maintaining total privacy and discretion.

For borrowers

The data room provides a secure portal to upload all critical information an investor would need to evaluate the financing request. This includes financial models, rent rolls, lease abstracts, informational memorandums, photographs, asset appraisals and environmental reports. With all documents organized in a centralized repository, borrowers save significant time and effort in due diligence. There is no need to manually share files via email or couriers. Investors can conveniently access all relevant materials in one place. The data room also maintains confidentiality before signing an NDA. Borrowers can anonymously share a subset of teasers and high-level documents to spark initial interest. Sensitive files can be kept restricted until a confidentiality agreement is in place.

For lenders

The data room enables comprehensive remote due diligence. Investors can scrutinize all property metrics, financials, legal documents, and risk assessments without any hassle. This leads to more informed decision making. The data room also serves as a closing tool. Signed contracts, disbursement instructions and closing documents can all be managed within the system. Even post-closing, it acts as a central repository for all records pertaining to the loan.

With convenience, security and efficiency all packed into one virtual data room, it's easy to see why it adds tremendous value. Surgefield's data room integrates the very best of fintech to streamline real estate finance.

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